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Our Services

Pre-Construction & Early Collaboration

Alaguraj Builders is well versed in extensive pre-construction knowledge, we firmly believe that early collaboration is a vital step in a development process. We’re well known for our collaborative approach, and for delivering innovative solutions rather than just identifying problems. We include computer models to anticipate potential issues before they become expensive problems for our clients.

Design & Build

Design is the foundation on which successful projects are built.

We offer proactive and progressive evaluation of design decisions; maximizing values and minimizing project risks. We have a wide team of in-house architects and engineers to best suit the project. Our established relationship with a broad network of suppliers & sub-contractors at the highest levels ensures cost certainty and time savings for our clients, enabling them to make informed decision in making changes or adding scope right from design stage and through to the build and hand-over of projects.

Design Management & Visualization

Our adept team of in-house architects provide added services in BIM (Building Information Management), Space Planning, 2D rendered floor plans, 3D walk-through, 3D Rendering and 3D Visualization including interior designs and Façade redesign. These services add significant value to our clients by enabling them to visualize their dream homes/buildings early on in the project stages.

Construction Project Management

We provide comprehensive construction project management services. Our commercial expertise, innovation, strategic approach and market knowledge combine to enhance the quality of service we provide to our clients. We designate qualified Site Engineers & Supervisors to overlook and coordinate all the day to day activities on the site through all the phases, ensuring quality and strict adherence to the time and budget.

Technical Leadership + Support

We optimize all project phases to deliver the best value from early collaboration to project hand-over via seamless communication to bring clarity and context to project decisions which plays an integral part to the success of our projects. Our commitment to excellence from the initial design through to the build and after-sales care ensures that our clients get the best value.